Seminar by Anuska la Rosa Egeskov-Madsen – University of Copenhagen

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Seminar by Anuska la Rosa Egeskov-Madsen

Coupling of Pancreatic Cell Fate to Dynamic Changes in Notch Pathway Components

Anuska la Rosa Egeskov-Madsen, DanStem, KU

It is well established that Notch signalling oscillates in neural progenitors and in the presomitic mesoderm during mouse development. It is not known whether Notch signalling components (incl. associated transcription factors) oscillate in the developing pancreas. However, observed heterogeneity and mutually exclusiveness in expression between some components is consistent with oscillatory expression in progenitors that likely switch to a stable expression pattern associated with cell differentiation at later developmental stages.

This talk will present data from transcriptional and translational reporter mice in which the dynamic changes of Notch signalling components in the dorsal pancreatic bud has been characterized by bioluminescence imaging. My aims are to map oscillatory expression patterns of Notch components and test their functional importance for growth and differentiation of pancreatic progenitors.