Center for Models of Life – University of Copenhagen

In the Center for Models of Life, CMOL, we use methods from physics to develop understanding of living systems. We model regulation of living systems aiming to understand the strategies of gene regulation and dynamics of self organization, with a focus on simple conceptual and quantitative models. Our research tackles diversity of biological systems from epigenetics to emergence of complex communities.

News and Events

  • The earliest stages of life might be simpler than we thought

    • 13-07-2017
    • In the very earliest stages of life, mammalian cells multiply and form the embryo. New research from the University of Copenhagen suggests that this process might be much simpler than we thought. »
  • Large ERC grant for Kim Sneppen

    • 05-04-2017
    • Large ERC grant for Kim SneppenAn advanced ERC grant for Kim Sneppen of DKK 16.500.000 was awarded for development of new methods and models to explore the diverse and complex world within and between cells, for investigating how diversity emerges and is maintained... »

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